Walibi Holland Untamed

While the new Walibi Holland Untamed rollercoaster ride was still under construction, Walibi needed images to promote the ride. I was asked to build part of the spectacular track and the newly designed train in CGI for marketing purposes. Because of the usage of large scale billboards everything had to be very detailed. In consultation we decided to build the part where the train is almost at a 90 degrees angle to the ground, just before one of five inversions. (an inversion is the moment when you are upside down) The highest number for a hybrid rollercoaster in the world. Especially the hybrid part, meaning the track is build on a wooden skeleton with metal crossbars makes the track very interesting. The inversions, speed, the many airtime moments and the almost 90 degrees free fall, are worth traveling to Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands to experience an awesome thrill.

More on the making of the new track you can find here (in Dutch with English subtitles), or visit the webpage about Untamed

From the wikipedia page of Untamed some facts:
-Construction by Rocky Mountain construction
-Top speed 92km/h
-Length 1085 m
-Max height 36,5 m
-Five inversions

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