Dylan, most funny art director

Dylan Putman

The Netherlands

Free art director portrait; meet Dylan

(your chance of obtaining a real Marc van Oene)

For the free art director portrait series, I shot Dylan Putman. Besides being a very talented art director he is probably one of the most funny ones I know. I remember, during work on a project in the studio, I heard some chuckling behind me. Yep, it was him, thinking of a very funny idea for another client he had to work for. Ideas just coming out of the blue is typical him, not to mention his funny approach. He is a non stop idea machine. We have worked together for many years on a broad range of clients. From cookies to cars, dishwashers to people, you name it. We’ve created the most beautiful advertisments, where some of them eventually won international prizes.

Also in his portrait, I did the experimental “moving portrait” (seen below). It would be very nice to expand the series with many more interesting art directors. It’s not only a great way to meet each other and having coffee, but by doing such a portrait, it’s a nice remembrance of a lovely afternoon reunite and/or meeting new people. As a bonus one can use it for social media profile pictures too! If you like this image and you are an art director no matter you know me or not, send me an email. It’s your chance of obtaining a real Marc van Oene. Above all your mother will love it too:)

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