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Sigma paint packaging

As many company’s do, Sigma tend to change their packaging design regularly. Sometimes it is just a new logo design that has to be incorporated but often there is a wish for a complete new design for just a single can or the entire range of products. Sigma is part of PPG, a large manufacturer of paint products for both domestic and professional usage. Their product line is very wide, because of this I advised the client to create a 3D format in which every single new product design can be changed and fit seamless into the existing range of products. That is something that cannot be reached with photography. You never have 100% same lighting or camera point of view over a longer period. In 3D or CGI as it is called, it is a guarantee for constancy even over years. The handling is made very easy too. Where you had to ship items to photographers to shoot, the client just sent a flat illustrator design by mail and receives a rendered image of the desired packaging with incredible realism, within a day.


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