Toyota Yaris

Lovely shoot for the Toyota Yaris in Ouddorp, Zeeland. The Dutch province that features the most sunshine of the country. In preparation of the next days film shoot, client wanted an image to be used on large billboards at dealer locations. The resemblance with the tiny house used in the commercial seen here was off course very important.

We had one of the most beautiful evenings at the Dutch shore, warm, with fantastic light. Nevertheless as one usually encounter with shooting cars, contrasts had to be lowered. In the shot we wanted the interior lights of the cabin, match the evening sky. And for the car we wanted full texture in both reflections and all the black parts, like tyres and grill. No blocked shadows or highlights. There’s only one thing you can do and that is wait.

At a certain point during sunset, there’s about fifteen minutes where everything comes together. Catching that moment doesn’t mean the image is finished. Most certainly with car shooting that is wish full thinking. Cars act like mirrors, especially outdoor shooting causes a lot of unwanted reflections that had to be retouched. That counts for the blacks that had to be corrected too. Although we had a beautiful evening, the sky was a little bit dull. We used several sky images and comped them in. Along with a lot of corrections on the trees and floor we came up with this, we think, very pleasant looking image.

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