CGI case study; Talbot Lago T26 1948

(This CGI case study of the Talbot Lago T26 1948 racer is meant to study our in house created car texturing system and  incorporating grass and trees)

Talbot was a French car manufacturer founded in 1916 and based in Suresnes close to Paris. Due to the great depression and not so well lead company, the factory was sold to Anthony F. Lago in 1935. The Italian was a big fan of racing and found success on the track the best marketing for his cars. Hence the company developed a new engine to compete with the supercharged Italians and Germans. The T26 was single seated racing car with a 4.5 litre straight six cylinder engine. The racing debut took place during the 1948 Monaco Grand Prix. Finishing second.

Autodromo Nazionale di Monza

Not that the Talbot Lago T26 ever raced this track, we just liked the story behind the high speed oval. And since it is all computer generated, we can locate the car anywhere. This track, close to Milan, is especially famous of the high speed oval (Curva Grande). Build in 1922 it is the world’s third specially build purpose race track. Because this circuit was one of the fastest in the world, many accidents occur causing the death of 52 drivers and 27 spectators. Due to this fact the track has been constantly rebuild to increase safety. The final F1 race with use of the Curva Grande, took place in 1969. The high speed oval still exists today however in a state of decay. However there is some use for the abandoned oval. There seem to be organised travel experiences for cyclist on the track as you can see here.
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Monza circuit race 1957
Monza circuit race 1966, footage from Rai uno

Lucky owner of a T26, in Dutch with English subtitles (6:34)
Talbot Lago T26c drive, view from the cockpit (23:15)

This image is created to study possibility's in CGIT26 top view

This image is created to study possibility's in CGIT26 front view

This image is created to study possibility's in CGIT26 distinctive rear

This image is created to study possibility's in CGI

Top view of the Talbot Lago T26, parked on the pitstop of the Monza circuit.

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