Statue of liberty

The Netherlands

Statue of Liberty animation for the Dutch lottery  “Miljoenenjacht”

CGI animation of the Statue of Liberty. The commercial, for those who don’t understand Dutch, is about winning a trip to New York.

Statue of liberty polygons 3d cgi animation hdri ibl smiling

Smiling mesh

The concept was to create a smiling Statue of Liberty that would appeal to the audience’s imagination. For the background a HDRI image of a sky is used. A flat sky image wouldn’t work–the sky had to move along with the camera as it panned around the statue. Using IBL (image based lighting), the statue reflects the light from the HDRI image, making the two fits seamlessly together.  The trickiest part was to create a believable smile–I mean, it isn’t every day you see a statue crack a grin. The result speaks for itself.

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