Service operations centre N.E.P.

The Netherlands

Service operations centre N.E.P.

State of the art is the least one can say of the service operations centre at N.E.P. This is where everything is monitored. The slightest hick ups are noticed and immediate action is taken. For clients a great relief. Twentyfour hours, seven days a week N.E.P. guarantees absolute flawless broadcasts, backed by their just rebuild also state of the art ICT centre. Mensch, the ad agency, came with the idea of lightbulbs instead of faces, to emphasize the knowledge and nifty idea’s one must have when working in this centre.

The requested output for this photography were large 450×220 cm posters to expose on the walls within N.E.P.’s headquarters. While watched at very close distance there was an absolute urge for a very detailed light bulb. This image is one out of a total of twelve large posters like “Rhino” where large format photography is used as well as serious 3D modelling to a very detailed level.

Detailed CGI light bulb.

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