Rhino for N.E.P.

Rhino for N.E.P. The Netherlands is one  image of a series for an amazing company. N.E.P. is one of the largest broadcast service providers operating worldwide. It’s more than an impressive company with over eight hundred employees in the Netherlands alone. They create the most astonishing solutions for video content. Even when something doesn’t exist they just build hard- and software themselves! Like the small camera’s attached to bicycle saddles to obtain an even more spectacular experience for viewers during the Tour de France. The augmented reality solution for a formula 1 show is breathtaking too. Heavily relying on Unreal engine they achieve the most amazing (virtual) content in real time. They even have their own Wikipedia page, then you have to be famous.

The (very nice) people of ad agency Mensch Amsterdam came with sketches and idea’s to represent every field of work N.E.P. acts in. The challenge here was the immens output of 450x220cm, large posters to decorate the office walls. Meaning that the combination of photography and CGI one has to create textures for 3D rendering in extreme detail and huge photography files were needed to obtain the required resolution.

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