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Coolbest premium Orange, 3D modelling and photography

Quite often I’ve done these type of shots for a variety of products. In this case the ad agency asked me to do a shot for Coolbest premium orange, fruit and packaging in a kitchen setting on a wooden table with a window in the background. Obviously kitchens are build for cooking and to do this shot you’ll need quite some distance to setup camera and lights. The challenge is to find a large enough kitchen with a stainless steel worktop, a wooden table and a window with enough space to do the shot.

3D (CGI) of a kitchen made for a commercial on behalf of Coolbest orange

Studio shot of packaging

Coolbest premium orange

3D kitchen mesh

That’s a needle in a haystack. Even with the help of location scouts and agencies you’ll have to do a lot of retouching to create the image that is asked for. My proposal to do this was to build the set in CGI where the art director had the possibility to pin point precise the wanted wood, worktop, size and position of window etcetera. The packaging, oranges and juice is a photograph and mapped into the 3D model. Because the usage is a commercial there was a same shot needed of the packaging in an ice field where both images can be animated.


3D (CGI) of a kitchen made for a commercial on behalf of Coolbest orange

Exact same shot with an ice field background

Commercial of the apple version











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