white; dog; saluki; studio; amsterdam; the netherlands, hond, afgaan


The Netherlands


This advert was created for a dog-walking client.

The Saluki, or gazelle hound, is a beautiful creature with origins in Iran, or former Persia. Historically, nomads used Saluki hounds for hunting and other tasks. Built for running, these agile dogs won’t stand still … not even for a picture.

This comical image was imagined by one of my close friends, art director Ton van Jole. We wanted to show, in an intelligent way, that the dog walker offered such incredible exercise for your dog that the animal in question would need a relaxing soak after their workout.

Of course, the Saluki being the kind of animal it is, I was only able to capture about five pictures of the dog actually standing sill in the bucket. I used those images and matched them to another image where this astounding hound had his head proudly in the air, and created one chill Saluki, getting his well-deserved rest.